We are very fortunate to have had the ability to add SMARTboards to our preschool learning environment. Together with the an extensive software program offered by Hatch Early Learning we offer a well-rounded academic program.

SMART Board is an interactive whiteboard developed by SMART Technologies. It is a large touch-sensitive whiteboard that uses a sensor for detecting user input (e.g. scrolling interaction) that are equivalent to normal PC input devices, such as mice or keyboards.

The SMART Board has a touch-controlled screen that works in conjunction with a projector and a computer. The projector puts the computer’s desktop image onto the interactive whiteboard, which acts as both a monitor and an input device.

SMARTboards put simply, are a sophisticated replacement of the traditional overhead projector. Over the years, this cutting-edge technology has proved popular for students of all ages. The interactive board turns a typical classroom into a fun learning environment.

Here are 3 key advantages of using interactive whiteboards in a classroom setting:

  • Improved Learning. While some students are auditory learners, absorbing information efficiently through the spoken word, others are visual learners
  • Increased Participation
  • Enhanced Collaboration