Our Curriculum

The curriculum was created to provide a foundation that assists in the development of social, emotional, physical and intellectual growth skills that are needed throughout our lives. The program concentrates on academics, fine and gross motor skills, language development, discovery & exploration and social skills. We have chosen the strong aspects from various curriculum programs and accreditation programs to create our own. The program focuses on one subject each day so the children can concentrate on math one day, science the next and so one. The subject activities are based on the learning theme.

Each level of development incorporates fun filled activities to encourage learning. As part of the program, educational guests and local field trips are incorporated into our program. The local field trips encourage the use of local resources such as the library and museums as well as learning how a food store operates and how our mail is sorted and delivered. The special guests educate the children on hygiene, health awareness, safety issues, recycling, awareness of animal and marine life and taking care of our earth. In addition, there is a large variety of extra-curriculum activities offered at the center. This added curriculum, not only exposes your child to new experiences, it also allows for these experiences to take place during their stay at the center rather than during the week-ends when family time is valued. In June, our Summer Fun program begins with an assortment of theme days, picnics, trips to local merchants, field trips and educational visitors.

Extra curriculum includes:
Stretch n’ Grow (exercise/nutritional education)
JamCats Music Program (music awareness, instruments, social and motor skill development)
Dance Caravan (ballet and dance)
The Club (swimming instruction and water fun)
Pre-K Kickers (soccer training all year round)
Kick Smart(karate)
Dramatickids Theatre (drama classes)

To increase a child’s self esteem and self confidence, the pre-k children participate in a stage performance twice a year. In January, there is a winter concert performance orchestrated by JamCats along with a dance recital hosted by Dance Caravan. In May, Cradles to Crayons honor our Pre-K Three children with a graduation ceremony. In addition, Dance Caravan once again treats our parents to a dance recital featuring new dances that are learned throughout the spring dance session.