Our Waddlers (12 months to 18 months) are encouraged to develop their new awareness of walking and a sense of independence and options. Our stimulating environment allows them to explore their new curiosities. On-demand care in still very much recognized during this age group. Changes in their routine have definitely appeared by this stage however their need for security has not. Our program has been designed to recognize their need to be on the move and their introduction to eating finger foods while recognizing the options that they have available to them.

We encourage the growth of social skills and independence while providing some structure in their lives. New concepts are introduced to keep the children fascinated with this new world they are discovering. Circle time, art projects, walks in quad strollers and the introduction of classroom centers helps to develop their social skills, their fine & gross motor skills and their academic foundation. We continue to introduce words in sign language and encourage the use of it as an additional form of communication.