2016 marked the ten year anniversary of our full day Kindergarten program at Cradles to Crayons.  The success and longevity of our program can be attributed to our curriculum quality that emphasizes the individual needs of the child.

The last decade has brought shifts in learning, even within the Kindergarten classroom.  In an effort to provide our students the strongest academic foundation possible, we design our lessons to mirror the routine and curriculum of the Morris School District.  Following a curriculum based on NJ State Common Core Standards, each student is well prepared for their future journey through the public school system.

Our classroom size is small, which allows for a considerable amount of individual time with the teacher.  Through this personal attention, strengths and weaknesses are tracked which allows us to promote a child’s academic strengths and provide further support towards weaknesses. Our teacher and our parents communicate daily in addition to the traditional assessments and conferences that take place twice a year.  Through this open communication we create an entire school community where students thrive academically, socially and emotionally.

Part of our purposeful approach is recognizing the need for students to be comfortable with learning through technology, therefore computer skills are taught to support curriculum including the use of interactive SMARTboards with software supporting 1700 research/activities to support the learning of 2 ½ – 7 years olds. In addition, our SMARTboards can incorporate the internet for visual learning. Our core academic program is through Abrams and Company Publishing and provides a computer-based curriculum addressing the needs of the whole child.  Reading and writing practice is integrated into every academic subject including math, science and social studies.  Spanish as a second language class is offered weekly, immersing students into the basics of the language and culture. Our highly qualified Kindergarten staff provides a rigorous, yet nurturing environment that is designed to meet needs of the individual student.

While a strong classroom academic foundation is a large part of our program, we recognize that successful learning fulfills the social and emotional development as well as academic; the best success happens when learning is approached in a global way.  Hands on experiments and field trips are regularly scheduled throughout the year.  We provide opportunities for weekly extra curriculum activities including music, dance, library and computer training and integrate them into the weekly routine. We have a large indoor playground facility as well as outdoor play space providing ample opportunity for students to get their bodies moving!

Our Kindergarten program at Cradles to Crayons focuses on positive reinforcement and boosting confidence.  It is a proven environment that provides the strongest foundation possible for elementary school and beyond.  We love it, and are sure you will too.

If you are interested in learning more, or to schedule a tour, please call our office at 973-538-1717.